Considering Aesthetics

When you are in the market for an Oriental rug, there are many things to consider. Wool quality is a very important aspect. However, your first consideration should be an aesthetic one, do you like the rug?

When you begin shopping, don't worry about price. Look for color and patterns and gradually zoom in on the style of rug you like. Once you have established your preference, you can work within that basic style and colors.

As owner of Caravan Connection of Newport, I work with clients to find the rug that best suits that client's taste. I encourage clients to learn about these rugs: how they are made and what to look for in a quality rug. In future months, we will discuss other parameters in which to judge a quality Oriental rug.

Be sure to call or e-mail Caravan Connection of Newport if you have any questions about your Oriental rug or if you are thinking about buying one.

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