Determining Wool Quality

When purchasing an Oriental rug, there are many parameters by which to judge a quality rug. One of the most important things is the quality of the wool. This is extremely important for durability of your rug. Wool quality is determined by a combination of softness and strength. Certain types of wool possess the qualities required, and most rug buyers are at the mercy of the importer to know from where the wool originated.

Some of these factors include the sheep's diet and breed, the local climate and when the wool was sheared. Sheep that are raised in cold, harsh climates produce more lanolin in their wool. That lanolin helps resist staining, matting, wetting, crushing and burning.

There are simple tests that can help the buyer tell the quality of the wool. One is to rub the rug with your hand for about 30 seconds (hard). If you get a little bit of rug dust up, that's okay. But if you get a large ball, that is not good. Caravan Connection of Newport assists the buyer in recognizing quality wool in your Oriental rugs.

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