The Parts of a Rug

A - WARP: The parallel threads running through the entire length of the rug onto which the knots are tied.

B - WEFT: The threads running across the width of the rug inserted between all the rows of knots. These threads pass through alternate warp threads. Their job is to secure the knots in parallel lines and to strengthen the fabric.

C - KNOT: The term used for a strand of wool yarn which is looped around two adjacent warp threads and then cut to form the pile (surface of carpet).

D - OVERCASTING: A simple wrapping of dyed yarn along the entire length of both sides of a handmade rug.

E - FRINGE: The visible continuation of the warp threads at both ends of the carpet.

F - KILIM: The pileless web of warp and weft between the rug's pile and the knotted fringe. This is also the name for a rug without pile.

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